We invent things that go ahead of their time

Catchup pioneered the geo-social apps market in 2006 — 3 years ahead of Foursquare. It was more that just a location sharing app — Catchup allowed users to create custom groups to share with, to use context-dependent locations (like “at my place” instead of address) and events to check in at. It even featured a simple, but efficient organizer tool that one could use to create event venues and invite their friends.

We help you chisel off everything that stands between your idea and the result you want

Six years later we popped up to help Gvidi, a social recommendations app for Altergeo, we were given a finalised concept and the app's prototype. It had too many features that would imminently confuse users. We recommended to focus on the single-minded proposition, creating a service designed to find and suggest places to eat in an unfamiliar area of the city. We reworked Gvidi completely, turning concepts into wireframe prototypes and then into final pixel-perfect Retina-ready design.

We understand briefs in plain human language: just tell us what you want, for example, “I want an in-car computer”

Intel Russia came to us and asked: “What do you think about an in-vehicle computer that could become a stock feature for various car models?” They provided us with just basic points: what they wanted to get and the working conditions for the product. This was enough for us to design an entirely new experience around the idea that modern in-car computer systems and interfaces are outdated. Today, Intel IVI has been presented in Skolkovo and is being beta-tested by KAMAZ to roll out sometime in 2016.

We are usually able to get to the point in under 10 minutes

During a HackDay hackathon we were approached by young entrepreneurs with an online pet food shop idea that required refactoring and fine-tuning. It took us one Red Bull drink (remember, it was a hackathon) to come up with a sound solution that propelled the team to one of the main prizes.

We strive towards better understanding and share knowledge

We like to speak the same language with our clients and colleagues. That's why we give lectures and set up workshops that help people understand the big design process and shape up their own ideas and products. We also crack great jokes.

Public Speaking

31 May 2013 Navigation UI/UX 101 + master class, MobileOptimized Minsk, Belarus
30 Sep 2013 Rapid Prototyping, Ciklum Kiev, Ukraine
10 Dec 2013 Mobile Design for Android, Intel Corporation Moscow, Russia
31 Jan 2014 UX Strategy & Design, IKRa
21 Mar 2014 Mobile Design for Android, Hackaphone finals at
2 Apr 2014 Prototyping 101, the Founder Institute
8 Apr 2014 The Big Long Design master-class, The Faculty of Design at HSE
24 Apr 2014 Making Big Projects Fast, ProfsoUX Conference St. Petersburg, Russia
27 Jun 2014 The Big Long Design master-class, IKRa Moscow, Russia

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Public speaking