A month of our work usually goes for $25K before the tax people come. By popular demand we introduce a set of pre-packaged service options. We cut cost on project management, you get the best result possible:

A cup of coffee

That's one expensive cup of coffee, but we've a proven track record of helping startups and small businesses in a significant way — and all in under two hours.

$500 + a quote will get you 2 hours of consulting and whatever napkins we would use to get our ideas across. Coffee's on us!

A day of work

It doesn't have to be a single day, but it's one full working day of our undivided attention. Usually it's more than enough for a small project.

$2000 will get you:

A project

This tier covers over half a week of our work — and you'll get the master design of your project as well.

$5000 will get you:

Please note that these packages are non-negotiable. If you'd like to do a bespoke project with us, let's talk.

Pro bono

There are cases when we're are willing to work pro bono:

If you think you're eligible for our pro bono tier, just talk to us.