About us

Thalient is a product development and consulting company from Moscow.

Anton Outkine — Design

Anton OutkineAnton oversees all graphic and motion design at Thalient and contributes his ideas about the future of technology to all of our projects. Anton has been working with Tier 1 companies since early 00's. He also writes about technology and the future for several publications, both print and online.

Dmitry Kirillov — Operations

Mitya KirillovMitya runs the entire operation and masterminds the conceptual stage of our design development. Mitya is a serial entrepreneur with several successful businesses on the side. He also has a cat named “Cat”.

Natalia Pokrovskaya — Communication

Nata PokrovskayaNata is the voice and tone of Thalient. She manages all our communications and copy. With almost 10 years of experience in creating communication for big international brands, she knows how to put words to work, be it a single headline or a country-wide campaign.

Advisory board

Alena Dorokhina

Alena DorokhinaAlena is an interaction designer, researcher and tutor at the Higher School of Economics. Recently she became an editor-in-chief, running an online magazine of cultural commentary and design critique.

Anna Bakunova

Anna BakunovaAnna is a business development manager at Intel. Her past experience is in marketing and she is an avid thinker when it comes to cutting-edge technology.

Masha Adamian

Masha AdamianBusiness development expert and builder of startup communities. Maria worked in both commercial and non-profit organizations in Tomsk (Russia), Moscow (Russia), Seattle, Boston and New York. She is a Director of The Founder Institute in Moscow.

What Thalient means

The concept of thalience was invented by sci-fi writer and futurologist Karl Schroeder. It's based on the idea of engineered systems that generate their own categories for understanding the world and defining what reality actually is. According to Schroeder, thalience “is the discipline that chooses among multiple successful scientific models based on which ones best satisfy our human, aesthetic / moral / personal needs”.