About us

Thalient is a product development and consulting company from Moscow.

We answer your questions about the future. We help you shaping your ideas into things that people love. We educate, engineer, entertain.


We helped Intel build a modern in-vehicle infotainment system two years before Apple CarPlay was announced (and boy they look alike).

We designed Catchup three years before Foursquare and Gowalla came to market. We came too early and went the Gowalla way, but we're still proud of the concept.

We love to talk about our projects.


A month of our work usually goes for $25K before the tax people come. By popular demand we introduce a set of pre-packaged service options. We cut cost on project management, you get the best result possible:

A cup of coffee

That's one expensive cup of coffee, but we've a proven track record of helping startups and small businesses in a significant way — and all in under two hours.

A day of work

It doesn't have to be a single day, but it's one full working day of our undivided attention. Usually it's more than enough for a small project.

A project

This tier covers over half a week of our work — and you'll get the master design of your project as well.

Learn more about our pricing tiers and our pro bono work.

Please note that these packages are non-negotiable. If you'd like to do a bespoke project with us, let's talk.

Public Speaking

We give lectures and set up workshops that help people understand modern design situations and shape up their own ideas and products.

Public speaking